README Lab Hours, Spring 2019

By April 4, 2019

Are you interested in learning more about digital rights or looking for a space to talk about the latest data breach? Maybe you know a new online security tool and want to share it…

Join README during our weekly Lab Hours!

For the 2019 spring quarter through June 6th, members of README will be posted up in the IS Lab (Zone A) in GSEIS on Thursdays from 3pm-4pm. Each week, we will circulate a topic and relevant short news article through our website, IS-Net, and our listserv to better frame the conversation. If you have a topic or article suggestion, send it to or @ us on Twitter at @uclareadme

Topic for April 4th: Free Week! This week, we’ll ease into our lab hours with a relatively unstructured check-in! We can talk about a recent meeting some members had with Elliot Harmon (Activism Director @ EFF), our upcoming event “After Disruption,” our participation in the UCLA Arts Party @ Hammer Museum, as well as brainstorm future lab hour topics and potential collaborations. Join us!

All are welcome to drop in and chat with us! This includes IS faculty, staff, and students as well as allies from around the UCLA campus and its libraries.

#READMELabHour on Twitter