Media Preservation Lab

The Media Preservation Lab is accessible through the Information Studies Library (first floor of the SE&IS building in Room 102) and is located in Room 118. Currently, thirteen stations are available for student use within the Media Lab. These include: the 8mm/Super8 Film Bench, the 16/35 Film Bench, the Audio Transfer Suite, the Video Transfer Suite, the Digital File Recovery Suite (formerly the Digital Preservation Suite), the Film Transfer Suite, the Audio Editing Station, the Video Editing Station, the Audio Recording Station, and the Magnetic Media Inspection Station. Additionally, there are two DIY 8mm Film Benches and one DIY 16mm Film Bench that can be set up and broken down for each use.

Usage is limited to currently enrolled students in the Department of Education and Information Studies, the campus at large, and community-archive partners. In all spaces priority is first given to information studies students fulfilling coursework. UCLA students outside of the SE&IS will be subject to slightly different procedures. Please contact the IS Library directly for more information about booking or to partner with the Center for Preservation of Audiovisual Heritage.

Check out our YouTube Channel for tutorials based on current Media Lab Projects and basic training at select workstations.

Note that the Media Lab will host events (typically on Mondays) to introduce students to its many features!

8mm/Super8 Film Bench

8mm/Super8 film inspection bench.

16/35 Film Bench

16/35mm film inspection bench.

Audio Transfer Suite

Cassette decks, open reel, mini dv, DAT formats can be digitally captured at this work station. Software available at this station includes WaveLab Pro, AEO Lite, Audacity, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Video Transfer Suite

VHS, S-VHS, DigiBeta, LaserDisc, Hi-8, u-matic formats can be digitally captured at this workstation. Software includes VRecord, DaVinci Resolve, Abode Creative Suite.

Digital File Recovery Suite (Digital Preservation Suite)

Work with digital forensics software to recover files from corrupted or obsolete digital media formats. Software at this station include ISO Buster, Exact Audio Copy, and FTK Imager.

Film Transfer Suite (Kinetta)

Transfer film using the Kinetta film scanner. Also at this station, work with the Magnetic sound dubber, use the retrosync, use the Chinon Sound Super 8 projector, or work with the Bell & Howell Sound Projector.

Audio Editing Station

This computer workstation is meant for editing only. It has Adobe Audition, WaveLab Pro, Audacity, AEO Lite, Adobe Creative Suite, and BWF MetaEdit. It is a separate computer station from the computer used in an audio transfer.

Video Editing Station (DaVinci)

Edit video files. This computer workstation has Resolve, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut. This is a separate computer station from the computer used in the video transfer workstation. This station does have DaVinci Resolve but custom resolutions in 4k cannot be used.

Audio Recording Station

Station includes external microphone setup with Adobe Audition and video playback software. Equipment includes Electro-Voice RE320 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Vocal Microphone and Audio Interface. Software available at this station: Audient (audio interface) Driver, Audition, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Magnetic Media Inspection Station

Work with magnetic media. This station includes splicing tools, a magnetic viewer, and other materials useful for inspection.