Director of U.S. Geological Survey Library System

By Diana Ascher January 4, 2021

USGS Library

Open & closing dates: 12/21/2020 to 01/23/2021

Open to: General Public AND Current/Former Federal employees

Pay scale & grade: GS 14

Salary: Reston, VA
$121,316 (Step 01) to $157,709 (Step 10)
Salary: Lakewood, CO
$118,202 (Step 01) to $153,659 (Step 10)


This position serves as the Library Director for the USGS Libraries Program located in Science Analytics and Synthesis in the Core Science Systems Mission Area.

Some of your specific duties will include:

Provides national leadership over the USGS Libraries Program functions to ensure consistent program planning and execution among all components as well as oversees planning and manages allocations for the program portfolio.
Provides direction and oversight on strategic planning, information dissemination, and data Integration and interoperability activities.
Carries out extensive outreach activities regarding office responsibilities. Writes and presents briefings, technical papers, budget justifications, and documentation to USGS managers and executives, Department of the Interior managers and executives, management representatives of other Federal agencies, national and international cooperators, and customers to communicate the functions and responsibilities of the USGS Libraries Program.
Serves on inter-bureau and inter-agency groups concerned with organization and management of Federal programs.
Supervises and manages professional, technical, and support staff, directly and through subordinate supervisors

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