Tribal Libraries Coordinator, State of New Mexico

By IS Lab May 14, 2021

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State of New Mexico

The Tribal Libraries Coordinator consults, trains and advises the tribal librarians and the boards of the tribal libraries of NM. Promotes advocacy for tribal libraries. Assists tribal librarians with the summer reading program. The position requires travel to Pueblo, Apache and Navajo tribal libraries throughout the state. Collaborates with other divisions of DCA and state agencies to improve tribal library services and programs. Actively seeks out opportunities for partnerships and or pilot programs in the federal, state and private sectors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Administration of tribal library programs and budget.
  • Coordinates payments of state aid and GO Bond payments.
  • Serves as liaison between tribal librarians and the NM State Library.
  • When appropriate makes presentations to tribal leadership.
  • Makes decisions.
  • Accesses the NM tribal libraries longitudinal data for constant improvement of tribal library services in NM.

Job Qualifications

  • Master’s degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (or recognized by the appropriate body of another country) with two (2) years of experience in performing and providing advanced library technical operations, effective library and information services, plus cataloging experience and managerial experience.
  • If application does not have a master’s degree or higher,
  • Masters in Library Science or Information Science Degree preferred.
  • Public library experience demonstrating progressive professional development as well as responsibilities.
  • Additional preferences include visionary leadership skills, the ability to build productive relationships through political acumen and effectiveness, promoting collaborative partnerships through civic engagement, excellent interpersonal skills (friendly, caring, connected, trustworthy, and empowering), and operational excellence.
  • Written and verbal communication skills.

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