Public Services Manager – Collections, Jefferson County Public Library

By IS Lab May 19, 2021

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Jefferson County Public Library

Jefferson County Public Library is hiring a collaborative leader to be our Public Services Manager in Collections! You will develop and maintain a materials collection that reflects the changing needs and interests of our community. Your supervision of selection and cataloging practices will ensure that a wide variety of materials is available in our libraries in formats and quantities that meet the needs of our residents and patrons. Use your keen management skills to ensure your team delivers a consistent quality customer experience. Your ability to manage Library services, vendors, system-wide development and delivery of core services will contribute to the Library’s mission. If you’re ready to provide our patrons with what they need, then this job may be for you!

Jefferson County Public Library offers great benefits: Generous paid time off and paid holidays, flexible schedules to assist in your work/life balance, various benefit and wellness opportunities helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, a tuition reimbursement program and trainings for personal and professional growth.

Job Responsibilities

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Communicates expectations to staff and colleagues about Library services and trends in area of responsibility. Models best behavior practices for customer service. Creates conditions for quality customer experiences in their areas of responsibility. Ensures maintenance of Library resources, including physical and virtual, so that residents have equal access to information and ideas. Is aware of and implements industry best practices for merchandising, labeling and promoting Library resources. Provides quality assurance in programs presented in their location or their area of responsibility, including off-site locations. Manages promotion of programs to target audiences. Provides direct customer service, particularly in non-routine situations. Conducts outreach into the community by identifying potential groups and ensures direct contact from the Library. Resolves customer service issues, including dealing with law enforcement and first responders. Ensures a safe environment for staff and public.
  • CORE LIBRARY SERVICE: Collaborates with others and manages cross-functional teams to accomplish goals and objectives in their system-wide service. Gathers and evaluates input from community for implementing system-services using established industry benchmarks. Uses established industry benchmarks to determine gaps in service provision and quality. Maintains current knowledge of trends in libraries and related fields to identify new services for development and implementation system-wide. Provides quality assurance in programs presented in their area of responsibility, including off-site locations. Manages promotion of programs to target audiences.
  • OPERATIONAL ORGANIZATION: Participates in special assignments such as prototyping new services. Supervises short-term projects outside typical area of responsibility. May perform the duties as an acting manager/person in charge(PIC) for local and/or other locations on a temporary basis as needed.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Establishes and manages location/core service budget. Participates in short and long term planning for Library services. Provides input for anticipated local and system needs. Accountable for system-wide budget expenditures in their area of responsibility. Communicates goals and strategic priorities to staff under their area of responsibility. Ensures compliance with budget limits and established purchasing procedures with staff under their supervision.
  • SUPERVISION & MANAGEMENT: Hires, assigns, trains, directs and supervises the division staff as well as temporary staff, volunteers and interns in area of responsibility. Coaches on industry best practices. Administers or makes recommendations for routine personnel matters affecting direct reports including recruitment, orientation, training, setting performance goals, assigning and reviewing work, approving time cards, approving leave, appraising and disciplining, submitting records and documentation as required by Library and Jefferson County Policy. Conducts regular staff meetings with subordinate staff. Communicates changes in policies and procedures to direct reports and implements them as directed. Provides technical guidance and support to ensure conformity with established policies, rules and regulations. Anticipates and solves problems as non-routine situations arise. Promotes professional development and leadership skills among direct reports and teams. Responsible for creating and implementing change management plans and strategies that maximum employee engagement and minimizes employee resistance. Provides leadership towards the Library’s mission, vision and values. Serves as a member of JCPL’s CMT (Combined Management Team). Collaborates and coordinates with others in cross-functional teams to accomplish JCPL goals and objectives as well as Division goals and objectives. Uses and continually develops leadership skills and participates in on-going professional development. Maintains skills, knowledge and subject matter expertise in areas of responsibility and industry trends through training and professional development. Attends conferences and participates in development activities.
  • Persons hired in this position must be able to perform all the essential tasks required by the position. The above statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other nonessential or peripheral duties that may be required. JCPL retains the right to modify or change the duties or essential and additional
    functions of the job at any time without notice.

Job Qualifications

  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience and 3 years of supervisory experience.
  • Preferred – Master’s degree in Library Science or Library Information Systems.
  • Required – Resume and Cover Letter attached in the application.

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