Library Director, West Custer County Library

By IS Lab April 29, 2021

West Custer County Library

Job Responsibilities

  • Recommends, implements, tracks, and reports on a monthly basis to the Board on the annual budget, which will make best use of the financial resources available. Responsible for all purchasing and management of library financial accounts.
  • Ensures long term fiscal soundness of budgetary policies and practices.
  • Explores and develops new avenues for funding as appropriate, including grant opportunities and donations. Monitors, and administers grants. Assists Board and Friends of the Library (“Friends”) with Spirit Campaign and other fundraising as needed.
  • Selects and monitors the optimal Integrated Library System for this library, and oversees acquiring and cataloging of library collection by Assistant Director. System must be accessible to all patrons.
  • Maintains library facility: recommends long range capital improvement plans to the Board of Trustees, ensures that facility is maintained and cleaned to maximize safety and economic life of building.
  • Develops and implements policies, services, programs, and resources to meet the immediate and long range goals of the Library Board, the organization, and the community.
  • Employs effective management techniques in directing, planning, organizing, scheduling, staffing, coordinating, budgeting, and evaluating library operation. Considers equality, equity, diversity and inclusiveness in management decisions.
  • Implements personnel regulations, policies and compliance with all applicable governmental laws, reviews of staff performance and approves new staff appointments, training, promotions, discipline, and dismissals.
  • Provides open avenues for the critical review of library operations by the Board of Trustees and public, including acquisition, circulation, internet use, library visits, library policies, personnel management, and financial administration.
  • Directs investigation of new trends in specific library programs and facilitates testing of new techniques, materials, and equipment for improvement of library operation.
  • Seeks to increase library user population through innovative new programs as well as continued use of successful programs. Maintains balance by discontinuing programs that are less effective.
  • Cooperates with Colorado Library Consortium and other libraries to encourage and make use of information exchange and services.
  • Handles multiple tasks with frequent interruptions.
  • Manages Community Room scheduling, payments, and contracts.
  • Serves as executive officer to the Board and as representative of the library in the community. Promotes staff participation and partnerships with relevant community organizations.
  • Regularly seeks community input and ideas about library services, and keeps the Board informed of these. Relates library services to needs of the community.
  • Supervises and motivates staff and volunteers to achieve a positive work environment. Oversees contractors such as bookkeeper, housekeeping staff, accountant/auditor and repair people.
  • Speaks to community groups and local press about Library programs.
  • Ensures the Library environment is inviting and stimulating, clean and organized, including public areas, offices, restrooms, and lobby.
  • Resolves complaints in sensitive and responsible fashion; knows how to use problem solving skills.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • MLS/MLIS from an accredited ALA institution or related Masters Degree. (preferred)
  • Credibility, integrity, sense of humor and curiosity, willingness to learn new skills.
  • Proven background of managing and leading a team while working under direction of a board and exercising independent initiative.
  • Two years minimum in business, management and supervision.
  • Proficiency in standard computer applications, software (including Microsoft Office) and systems.
  • Experience with budget development and implementation.
  • Previous work in libraries or government, thorough knowledge of principles and practices of modern librarianship and of library administration. (preferred)
  • Strong written and verbal communication, listening skills and problem solving skills.
  • Reads, writes, speaks, and understands English, as a minimum, with other language proficiency a plus.
  • Ability to respond appropriately tothe vision and long range plan of the Board.
  • Ability to provide information necessary for the Board to make sound decisions.
  • Ability to plan, direct and coordinate the activities of others, work well with a community and staff, and make sound and independent decisions.
  • Ability to multitask, handle complex and detailed work, follow tasks through to completion despite frequent interruption.
  • Familiarity with the pursuit and administration of grants.
  • Working knowledge of budgets and financial record keeping.
  • Ability to function well under flexible and changing conditions.
  • Working knowledge of computers, databases and social networks as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Ability to prepare written and oral reports.
  • Ability to make public presentations.
  • Ability and willingness to travel in order to further education or represent Library.

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