District K-12 Librarian, Ceres Unified School District

By IS Lab May 12, 2021

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Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services or her/his designee, the District K-12 Librarian provides support and coordination of the District’s library program and provides the leadership and expertise necessary to ensure that the library program is an integral part to the instructional program.

Job Responsibilities

  • Serves as a resource and conducts ongoing training sessions for the school-site library clerks. For example; reference and research skills; book talks; story telling; cataloging; book selection and library operations.
  • Responsible for establishing procedures for selecting, ordering, cataloging, processing, organizing, discarding, and circulating library materials at schools within the District.
  • Provides information, leadership, inservices and modeling of the Information Literacy process to teaching staff as well as to library staff.
  • Promotes the value and importance of library resources, reading and literature, and Information Literacy to all constituencies.
  • Responsible for establishing procedures for processing, distributing, storing, and discarding textbooks and other instructional materials distributed through the library.
  • Provides support to sites in selecting classroom/library reading materials.
  • Is available to assist with site-level library programs under the direction of the building principals.
  • Coordinates the publicity and promotion of the library resources, materials, and services available to students, staff, and parents.
  • Participates in the development of educational programs at the school and District levels.
  • Provides inservice for newly assigned library clerks.
  • Coordinates District-wide activities and conducts monthly meetings with District library clerks
  • Supports professional growth by becoming involved in library and other educational activities/programs.
  • Coordinates the maintenance of the site library collections through periodic acquisitions and removal of obsolete material.
  • Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services or her/his designee, and in consultation with the site principals, monitors the appropriate use of supplementary instructional materials with the inclusion of:  library books, literature sets (trade books), teachers’ personal classroom libraries, informational technology and computer software.
  • In conjunction with the principal and library media clerks, coordinates the book selection at sites.
  • Provides an annual report to the administration and to the Board summarizing the use of library materials, circulation figures, collection growth statistic, etc.
  • Provides input to site administration regarding the evaluation of library clerks.
  • Serves as a member of the District Curriculum and Instruction advisory committee.
  • Provides input and assists in coordinating the Young Authors’ Faire.
  • Performs related duties as required and assigned.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Master of Library and Information Science preferred
  • At least three years of successful classroom experience preferred
  • Successful experience in interacting and working with peers
  • Knowledge of all phases of school librarianship
  • Good communication skills and organizational skills
  • Ability to operate computer software and hardware for retrieval and dissemination of information and management of library materials
  • Knowledge of library automation and technology systems
  • Ability to coordinate pre-installation of automation systems at new campuses
  • Work effectively with a wide variety of organizations and with people of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds
  • Understand, implement, and give complex oral and written directions in English
  • Maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work
  • Compose clear, complete and concise correspondence and reports independently using correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling
  • Maintain a positive, professional, and competent personal presentation as an educator

To apply for this job please visit www.edjoin.org.