IS Lab Online Film Properties & Handling Training

By IS Lab June 8, 2020

In order to handle film, you must understand the basics of film’s properties.  This training includes useful explanations of basic terms and concepts alongside videos of IS Lab staff Adam Foster demonstrating important film handling practices. This training is split into two different sections with six sub-sections and a quiz in each training. Completing this online training will give patrons the necessary information and skills to handle and inspect film using the IS Lab’s film collections and film equipment.

Film Properties Training

This training will teach you the proper method to store film, what material film is made of, and how to identify and deal with different types of film:


Film Bases

Vinegar Syndrome

16mm Film

Super 8 and 8mm Film


Film Properties Quiz

Film Handling Training

This training will introduce you to the IS Lab film equipment and necessary film handling techniques:

Rewinds Bench

Supplies and Setup

Core vs. Reel


Card Catalog

What Not to Do

Film Handling Quiz


The completion of these trainings will prepare patrons to properly use the film equipment made available in the IS lab.