IS Lab Protocol for Remote Collaboration

IS Lab Working Remotely Protocol 3/9/2020

The IS Lab staff should be prepared to work remotely in the case of a campus closure. While maintaining the physical space of the IS Lab is not possible during campus closures, working remotely will allow for the us to continue to provide needed assistance for students and faculty.

All staff should keep their contact information in the IS Lab Staff Manual up to date and should maintain access to Teams (especially Planner), Zoom, email, and Slack, as these will be the main avenues for communication in the case of a long-term campus closure.

Working remotely should be efficient and ensure that IS Lab operations and staff communications are continuing, regardless of whether the IS Lab is open. This may entail preparing for upcoming events, working on individual projects, creating promotional materials, maintaining a functioning website, etc.

Although the IS Lab may not be open, we encourage you to maintain your usual weekly work schedule as much as possible. Meetings and communications should be carried out during usual work hours from 9 am to 5 pm. Communicate at the beginning of the week over Teams and Slack (remember to set your status when you’re on duty) when you plan to be online, available, and working for the IS Lab to foster collaboration and discussion.

Beginning-of-Shift Checklist

  • Check IS Research Lab Microsoft Team Log to determine what was done recently
  • Pick up tasks from IS Research Lab Microsoft Team Planner if one is assigned to your personal name OR to IS Lab Staff and has not yet been completed
  • Check email; respond & archive as necessary

End-of-Shift Checklist

  • Update the Team Log with everything you accomplished & suggested next steps
  • Add hours to TRS

Ideas of what to work on while you are working remotely:

  • Create supplementary guides with useful resources for particular courses
  • Check in on folks in the IS Lab Zoom space to let them know you’re available, and address any pressing issues
  • Update job boards (refer to job boards in manual)
  • Browse professional organizations for jobs and internships to add to the IS Lab website
  • Add titles of readings from syllabi to course readings Excel spreadsheet (located in OneDrive)
  • Create or update online tutorials on CCLE for upcoming workshops
  • Assist faculty in preparing their instruction and coursework for online access by students
  • Write a scheduled blog post highlighting IS Lab resources or events
  • Coordinate with your team members for upcoming events or projects
  • Work on promotional material for upcoming events
  • Research potential guests for Constellation Podcast
  • Update social media accounts
  • Prepare for upcoming IS Lab events (i.e. workshops, showcase, forums, etc.)
  • Brainstorm ideas for IS Lab development or events


If you have any questions not answered in this document or the IS Lab Staff Manual, please email Diana and include the IS Lab Staff email address. Ideally, someone will respond by the next business day.