IS Mailing List Instructions

You can subscribe or unsubscribe by sending an email with a specific subject to the mailing list server at This email won’t be read  by a human, so please follow these instructions carefully.


In the subject of your email, type

subscribe list-name full-name

list-name needs to be one of the IS department mailing lists, such as is-announce, is-net, or is-chat.

full-name is your first and last name, which helps administrators manage their lists. Your name will not be visible to other subscribers. (Please do NOT put your email address in the subject field.)

For example, if Lee Bruin wants to subscribe to is-net, the email sent to should have the following subject:

subscribe is-net Lee Bruin

You may receive a confirmation request. If you do, please reply to the email. You don’t need to write anything additional in your reply.


To unsubscribe from a list, send an email to with the following format for the subject field:

unsubscribe list-name

For example, if Lee Bruin wanted to now unsubscribe from is-net, the email sent to would have the following subject:

unsubscribe is-net

No email or name should be included in the subject field.