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Online Instruction FAQ


How do I download Zoom?

You can download Zoom at the following link: You may also find this document helpful.

How do I log on to Zoom?

Use your UCLA login to sign on to Zoom. Visit the following link to activate your license through UCLA:

Where should I direct questions if I am having difficulty with Zoom?

All inquiries about Zoom access and log on should be directed to the Educational Technology Unit (ETU).

General FAQ


How can I print?

GSE&IS students have access to printing in the IS Library. More specific information and directions can be provided by staff. Please note that color printing is not available.

How do I create a GSE&IS account?

Please reach out to the Educational Technology Unit (ETU) directly to be assigned a GSE&IS account. Clarify your full name, UID, email, and school affiliation upon requesting.

Where can I get help with my schedule?

Contact Michelle Maye in Student Services.

How do the Zones in the IS Library function?

The IS Lab’s four zones can accommodate a variety of group sizes and activities. Zone A is suitable for larger group meetings, such as classes and workshops. In Zone B, members of the GSE&IS Community have access to computing resources, small group work spaces, and a reading area beside our library stacks. Zone C is in a transitional period and will eventually accommodate more student use computers and other technologies. Zone D is the perfect spot for a few people to settle in for a good read at any age; we invite our youngest community members to join us here for readings from our Children’s Book Collection.

What is the IS Media Preservation Lab? How do I book time to use it?

Located on the first floor of the SE&IS building in Room 102, the Media Lab is accessible through the IS Library and is located in Room 118. Stations available for student use within the Media Lab include: the 8mm Film Bench, the 16/35 Film Bench, the Audio Transfer Suite, the Video Transfer Suite, the Digital Preservation Suite, the Film Transfer Station, the Audio Editing Station, and the Video Station. Note that usage is limited to currently enrolled students in the Department of Education and Information Studies, and the campus at large. In all spaces priority is first given to information studies students fulfilling coursework. UCLA students outside of the SE&IS will be subject to slightly different procedures. Please contact the IS Library directly for more information about booking.


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