Personas & Scenarios

Ethical Data Management Practices that Build Trust

Key Internal StakeholdersKey External Stakeholders
Chief Data Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief People Officer
Personas & scenarios tend to
be very useful for decision
making, including data
management, practices, &

1. Collaboration
System limitations and possible consequences; areas for development

2. Communication
Inculcate a culture of integrity and trust by preparing in advance for data breach and cyber-attack

Training programs

Proactive information literacy
What data are collected?
How are they used?
What happens to them in the future?
Provide options for data purging
Locus of control

3. Management & Use

Types of data
Data usage guidelines
Voluntarily shared data
Unknowingly shared data
Analyzed data

Selective permissioning
Segmented storage
Transparent terms for third-party exchange
Regulatory & legal compliance

Examples in Business & Academia