Virtual Student Federal Service Internship, US Department of State

By IS Lab July 26, 2021

US Department of State

VSFS is a nine-month, unpaid Internship. Internships are virtual; students have a flexible schedule. The government needs the talent, fresh ideas, and digital excellence of U.S. college students. VSFS Interns will increase the digital capacity of federal agencies participating, whether technically, artistically or via increased communication. Interns have the opportunity to connect with each other and work collaboratively. All work recognizes that VSFS Interns do not have U.S. Government security clearances.

Job Responsibilities

  • VSFS Intern duties and responsibilities will vary according to the location and needs of each office and VSFS project.
  • VSFS projects may be research based, contributing to reports on issues such as human rights, economics or the environment.
  • They may also be more technology oriented, such as working on web pages, or helping produce electronic journals.
  • Students are expected to work virtually on an average of 10 hours per week on VSFS Internship projects.
  • Most work and projects are internet-based.

Job Qualifications

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A high school graduate
  • In student status at an institute of higher education (part or full time)
  • VSFS Interns will not need to obtain a U.S. Government security clearance
  • In student status at an institute of higher education
  • A part or full-time student

IMPORTANT: You are eligible to apply for the Department’s Virtual Student Federal Service Internship program if you will be enrolled as a half or full-time student (as defined in the Education Qualifications section above.)  If applying, you must have proof that you have registered, or have been accepted for enrollment.

You must meet the requirements and submit the application on time. You should write a dynamite statement of interest which will be seen by all three project mentors.  Make sure to confirm through this site that you have successfully submitted your application through  The project mentors will evaluate your application further based on their needs and your skills to make the final decision.


To apply for this job please visit