Resource Acquisitions and Metadata Services, UCLA Library

By IS Lab July 29, 2021

UCLA Library

In this internship, the student will develop professional-level skills and knowledge for descriptive and subject cataloging for digital collections (non-MARC records for a variety of digitized or born-digital item types: textual, photographic, cartographic, visual/sound recordings, etc.) The intern works under the direction of the internship supervisor. Curriculum may vary depending on the interests of the intern. This position is paid, the hourly rate is TBD

Job Responsibilities

  • Descriptive cataloging including creation and/or enhancement of records for digital resources using legacy metadata, research, etc.
  • Provision of authorized access points (e.g. names) using national and/or local authority files
  • Subject analysis, including assignment of Library of Congress Subject Headings and Thesaurus for Graphic Materials Subject Headings
  • For visual resources, analysis of the “ofness” and “aboutness” of images
  • Consulting and interpreting national and local guidelines for non-MARC standard records
  • Analysis of new and/or existing collections for discoverability/usability
  • Reading articles for discussion

Job Requirements

  • IS 260 Description and Access
    IS 464 Metadata (may be taken concurrently with internship)
    IS 461-462 Coursework in descriptive and subject cataloging (desirable)
  • Willingness to work for 1 full quarter (preferred)

Interested? Please contact
Claudia Horning (

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