Senior Librarian/School Library Technology Coordinator, South Dakota State Library

By IS Lab May 4, 2021

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South Dakota State Library

The person in this position will introduce public libraries and their directors, staff and trustees to new and useful technologies to improve library services throughout the state by increasing the skills, knowledge, abilities, and self-reliance when dealing with technology-related issues and challenges and to actively pursue solutions that can be applied to technology-related issues. This person will understand the larger picture and the shifting nature of technology while also possessing the skills and practical details needed to successfully assess, plan, implement and evaluate specifically library technology to advance the local public library’s mission in a digital age.

The ideal candidate not only enjoys technology, but also naturally fosters a love for technology in others. Their tasks would include coordinating and delivering comprehensive technology training focused on but not entirely with the public librarians and their library boards. Overall, this position will strengthen local library services, thus broadening access along with assisting in local economic development and working in sync with other educational services in the area. The ideal candidate is an educator who will educate librarians, para-library staff and trustees about important emerging technologies and how to better serve their community’s informational needs.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required,
  • Master’s degree in Library Science with an emphasis in Technology preferred or equivalent degree or certifications or a degree in Computer Science
  • a clear understanding of library issues including library technology, 21st century libraries’ purposes, services and customers;
  • promotes an innovative, future-focused environment that encourages a high level of enthusiasm and competency in technology for staff and the public;
  • demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously;
  • demonstrated ability to work independently as well as be an effective team member in a professional setting;
  • professional in person and phone etiquette;
  • passionate about teaching about technology and sharing the benefits for rural communities who have reliable access to information.

Knowledge of:

  • demonstrated well-developed analytical and problem-solving skills related to computers, especially PCs and current technologies;
  • ability to plan, organize, coordinate, and/or deliver instruction and /or presentations to diverse audiences;
  • knowledge of broadband issues (state and national) particularly those facing rural America including TV white-space spectrum as one option;
  • demonstrated knowledge of learning design, instructional methods and training techniques, needs analysis, and training program evaluations;
  • knowledge of website programs and software.

Skill of:

  • quickly learn new and emerging technologies;
  • demonstrated ability to communicate effectively;
  • facilitate one-on-one and group learning activities;
  • work with people and at different knowledge levels;
  • ability to write cogent emails, blog posts, articles, reports and other various communications;
  • demonstrated excellent interpersonal, written and verbal skills.

Ability to:

  • establish and maintain effective working relationships;
  • navigate the web effectively;
  • be flexible;
  • perform all duties documented and other duties as assigned;
  • travel extensively across the state.

To be considered, attach your resume, cover letter & three professional references.

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