Librarian I/II, San Jose Public Library

By IS Lab September 24, 2021

San Jose Public Library

The San José Public Library is seeking new Librarians to join our team and change the lives of those we serve! The ideal candidate for these positions will understand, support, practice and promote the San José Way of library innovation and the Mission, Vision, & Values statements of the City of San José and the San José Public Library; demonstrate leadership and a commitment to active customer service; have knowledge of current library technology and trends; have experience working with a diverse community and staff; and have programming or project management ability.

We are looking for friendly, service-oriented librarians who have experience working in a fast-paced environment and thrive in a highly collaborative setting. Our librarians perform a variety of professional duties that may include virtual programming, storytime, innovative school and community engagement programs, outreach, coding and STEAM programming, and volunteer engagement. All our staff are trained in providing excellent customer service. These positions will include evenings and weekend shifts.

Job Qualifications


Librarian I: A Master’s Degree in Library Science from an accredited college or university. We encourage Fall 2021 Master’s Degree in Library Science candidates to apply. Degree must be received by hire date; transcripts will be requested

Librarian II: A Master’s Degree in Library Science from an accredited college or university AND one (1) year of professional library experience.

The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history. Desirable competencies for this position include:

  • Job Expertise: Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices, Citywide and departmental procedures/policies and federal and state rules and regulations.
  • Computer Skills: Experienced with common business computer applications including but not limited to: Office 365, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and MS Excel.
  • Continuous Improvement: Actively identifies new areas for learning and regularly creates and takes advantage of learning opportunities.
  • Customer Service: Demonstrates the ability to anticipate customers’ needs and deliver services effectively and efficiently using professional demeanor.
  • Initiative: Exhibits resourceful behaviors toward meeting job objectives; anticipates problems, is proactive, and avoids difficulties by planning ahead; displays willingness to assume extra responsibility and challenges; pursues continuing education opportunities that promotes job performance.
  • Planning: Acts to align own unit’s goals with the strategic direction of the organization; defines tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, while ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills: Develops effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors by helping others accomplish tasks and using collaboration and conflict resolution skills.
  • Technology Use/Management: Uses efficient and cost-effective approaches to integrate technology into the workplace and improve program effectiveness.
  • Communications Skills: Effectively conveys information and expresses thoughts and facts clearly, orally and in writing; demonstrates effective use of listening skills; displays openness to other people’s ideas and thoughts.

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