Librarian, Omaha Public Library

By IS Lab November 19, 2020

Omaha Public Library

Job Description

This is professional library work involving the management of all operations of a branch library or a major department of the main library. Work includes expending branch or departmental budgets, implementing policies, providing excellent customer service, promoting library services and planning and directing the work of subordinate professional, para-professional and clerical personnel.


  • Manages all operations of a branch library or a major department of the main library; implements and interprets policies and procedures; participates in the selection of subordinate staff; resolves patron complaints; provides solutions to personnel and library operation problems; oversees contract compliance for cleaning services, lawn care and snow removal operations
  • Develops ideas and plans for innovative services, programs, and special events that are of interest to the community being served
  • Trains, advises and plans the work of subordinate professional, para-professional and clerical personnel and prepares and administers performance evaluations as scheduled
  • Evaluates book collection and selects books and other materials for purchase; and determines whether outdated and worn materials should be withdrawn from the library collection
  • Assists patrons in selecting library materials and in the use of all library resources; provides reading suggestions and reference assistance
  • Maintains relationships and effective communication with facility partners that further the Library’s mission and ensure the cleanliness and safety of our buildings
  • Delivers excellent customer service to all library users at circulation and reference desks, on the telephone, and via email, performing such tasks as issuing library cards, circulating materials, answering questions, and promoting programs and services
  • Prepares and delivers coordinated outreach efforts designed to promote the library and encourage use of its resources, programs, and services
  • Plans or participates in special programs, exhibits, tours, etc.
  • Promote interest in the library and to assist in public relations efforts
  • Participates in professional development opportunities, including participation in conferences and meetings, to stimulate innovative approaches to library service
  • Keeps abreast of technological changes in the library profession, and utilizes all equipment and resources available to fulfill the library’s mission
  • Expands the branch or departmental budget by analyzing immediate and future needs; formulates budget requests for personnel, supplies, and equipment
  • Compiles and submits statistical and narrative reports of fiscal and library operations
  • Establishes and maintains connections with community organizations and individuals
  • IF ASSIGNED TO COMPUTER HARDWARE/SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE DUTIES: Maintains and upgrades the library’s computer systems hardware and software, advises users and management of its capabilities and limitations, configures the programs parameters, performs backup procedures, and corrects malfunctions
  • Writes programs and sub-programs to locate information and compile reports
  • Tracks software billing costs and assists in estimating future budgetary needs
  • Conducts research to remain abreast of changing technologies in the library related computer field
  • Assists in managing the library’s website and in compiling website related statistics
  • Acts as primary contact with software vendors and with vendor user groups
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation dictates within the scope of this classification

Required Qualifications

  • Masters of Library Science or Master of Science in Library or Information Science, from a program accredited by the American Library Association.
  • Three years experience in professional library work AND if assigned to applications analysis duties, including two years of experience in the installation of computer hardware and the installation and modification of software packages.
  • Knowledge of professional library principles, methods, practices and materials
  • Knowledge of library reference and research materials
  • Knowledge of reader interest levels, books and authors
  • Ability to analyze the needs of the community and to plan, develop and conduct appropriate programs for targeted groups
  • Ability to interpret library policies and objectives
  • Ability to operate a computer keyboard and view a computer screen to access library catalog files and other data bases
  • Ability to view printed text on book bindings to retrieve library materials
  • Ability to maintain accurate records of expenses
  • Ability to prepare clear and concise reports
  • Ability to stimulate the interest of readers in library resources
  • Ability to communicate verbally in order to answer reference questions and provide reading guidance
  • Ability to plan and direct the work of professional, para-professional and clerical employees
  • Ability to understand oral and written instructions
  • Ability to adhere to safety policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Ability to stand and walk 76 to 100% of the time, and to climb, reach, balance, bend, stoop, squat, kneel, crouch, push, and pull up to 25% of the time
  • Ability to move objects weighing up to twenty (20) pounds up to 33% of the time and weighing up to ten (10) pounds from 67 to 100% of the time
  • IF ASSIGNED TO COMPUTER HARDWARE/SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE DUTIES: Knowledge of the makeup of library organizations, their operations, and how computerized record keeping systems support them
  • Knowledge of the applications of computers in the processing and maintenance of records
  • Knowledge of library industry specific computer applications and their attendant software
  • Knowledge of the kinds of computer hardware used in data processing, their capabilities and limitations, and how they are linked together to provide workstations for data processing end users
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies and their implications for libraries
  • Skill in the installation and modification of computer hardware and software
  • Skill in the detection of software problems and their timely resolution
  • Ability to ascertain the record keeping and data processing needs of computer users and the ability to determine if their needs can be met with computer hardware and software
  • Ability to apply the assigned software to its best use to support the systems users
  • Ability to train others in the operation of computers, accompanying software, and other equipment pertinent to electronic data processing and record keeping
  • Ability to translate technical terms and concepts so that they are understandable to the non-technically oriented
  • Ability to sit and use ones hands to grasp objects from 50 to 75% of the time, and to stand, reach and carry objects, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl up to 25% of the time
  • Ability to use up to forty (40) pounds of force up to 25% of the time to move objects


Forty-hour work week; twelve days of paid vacation per year for the first five years; five days of management leave per year if employed on the first day of the payroll year; sick leave and twelve paid holidays.  The City offers an employee’s group health insurance which includes major medical for individual or Family plan; Cash Pension Program, plus Social Security.  See our website at (under the Benefits) for detailed information.

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