Asset Management and Archivist, HAUS

By IS Lab July 16, 2021

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HAUS is looking to add a Coordinator to our growing team. You should be organized, self sufficient, can keep a lot of different balls in the air at the same time, and are able to retain information and direction. You are always in control, are confident and really great with people. You are never waiting to be tasked, as you already know what needs to happen and are in the process of taking care of it!

As part of our Asset management team, you will be responsible for coordinating asset review requests, releasing footage, coordinating approvals and troubleshooting access or permission issues within the tool. You will also be sharing responsibilities with another coordinator in uploading and downloading footage from hard drives and cloud based links.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the intake of requests for footage review, and approvals for very sensitive and critical videos.
  • Troubleshoot access and permission issues when needed.
  • Provide access to the tools for new users.
  • Manage distribution and archiving of large video files.
  • Track equipment, and always be ready to send out drives or take new drives in.
  • Uploading and archiving large format files.
  • Be on top of the status, and communication to stakeholders.

Job Requirements

  • One year of experience as a production coordinator. Film or on-set experience is a big bonus!!
  • Technical — you can easily make your way around a computer and software! And become an expert at the tool!
  • Excellent at building relationships and creating a strong positive team environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Team player with a willingness to jump in
  • Comfortable with a fast pace and constant change
  • Quick thinker
  • Responsible, and able to manage yourself and your tasks to stay on track.
  • Only Los Angeles residents will be considered. This role will need to come into the very safe and secure office as needed.

To apply for this job please visit