Director, Basalt Regional Library District

By IS Lab April 30, 2021

Basalt Regional Library District

​The Library Director (Director) manages all operations and activities of the Basalt Regional Library District. The Director plans, organizes, directs, evaluates, supervises and reviews the library’s resources, services, collection and programs to respond to the needs of the community. The Director is expected to plan and implement the BRLD’s short and long-range goals, oversee the collection of materials and resources, submit and monitor the budget and oversee the staff and services. The Director is expected to be in frequent contact with the Board of Trustees and community leaders regarding library services and funding. The Director’s work is performed at the direction of the Board of Trustees, in accordance with policies and objectives, The Director is ultimately responsible for creating an environment where employees like to work and patrons like to spend their time.

The salary range for the Director position is $90,000 – $105,000 per year, based on experience.  Benefits for this position are excellent.

Job Responsibilities

  • Administration & Personnel Management – Makes human resource decisions, including hiring, discipline and termination of employees. Manages Library personnel directly or through subordinates. Ensures that new employees are trained and capable of all aspects of their job. Ensures that the Library is a safe environment for employees and patrons. Creates an environment in which employees are motivated to work, effectively work with patrons, and have clear expectations and responsibilities. Ensures that employees work to their full potential and work well as a team. Makes policy recommendations and ensures that employees are aware of all Library policies and procedures. Provides employees with at least one performance review, which is documented, every twelve months. Provides time to meet with staff, both formally and informally. Reviews employee benefits and provides an up-to-date employee handbook to all employees.
  • Reports to State Agencies – Observes governmental deadlines for submitting budgets, financial reports, audit reports and an annual Budget message. Collects data and submits an annual statistical report to the State of Colorado Library.
  • Board – Reports to a seven-member Board of Trustees. The Director is hired by the Board, works with the Board and receives an annual evaluation from the Board. Provides monthly reports to the Board about the Library, staff, services and facility. Attends regular monthly Board meetings, unless absence is approved in advance. Ensures that materials for regular Board meetings are prepared in a timely manner, are distributed to the Board and are made available to the public. Acts as the conduit for Board communication when required, is available to the Board, in person by phone or via email.
  • Finances – Manages the operations budget, bond repayment budget and capital reserve budget. Oversees all financial transactions involving the Library. Monitors and approves expenditures. Provides regular reports to the Board and public. Works directly with the Bookkeeper to ensure that all financial accounts are in order. Prepares and submits a detailed and timely budget with input from staff and board. Ensures that an annual audit is conducted. Works with Bookkeeper to manage mill levy funds and to certify mill levies (operational and bond) in accordance with time frame requirements mandated by state statute. Reviews all service contracts annually.
  • Organizational Management – Identifies and works toward the Library’s short and long-range goals (with staff and Board) according to a reasonable designated timeline and budget considerations. Monitors progress toward the goals, looks for opportunities to expand Library presence and makes changes as necessary.
  • Collection – Oversees the development of a culturally diverse collection of Library materials, including books, DVDs, audio books, music, devices, periodicals, databases and licenses in accordance with the Board policy. Strives to continually improve the collection and meet the needs of Library patrons. Submits statistics about the Collections to the Board.
  • Programs – Oversees the creation and deployment of Library programs and services with the appropriate department heads. Ensures that programs and services are well-attended, well-staffed and successful. Makes changes to programs and services when necessary.
  • Outreach – Works with schools and community groups to coordinate services to designated populations in the District.
  • Technology -Supervises the maintenance of all hardware and software of the Library’s computers and devices, including training and support for staff and public. Identifies technological needs, evaluates, recommends and implements technological solutions. Maintains contracts with software consultants.
  • Facility Maintenance and Management – Administers maintenance, safety and cleanliness of the Library building. Manages the upkeep of the Library facility’s systems, equipment and outdoor features. Ensures that the Library building is operating in the efficient manner in which it was designed. Adheres to the Capital Maintenance Plan and schedules timely repairs to damaged/worn property.
  • Community Relations – Represents the Library to the community. Attends public events when appropriate. Promotes Library services to the Library’s diverse populations. Ensures that appropriate marketing, social media and outreach efforts are made to increase the population of Library patrons, including underserved populations. Ensures that the Library website is current and accurate. Formulates mechanisms to hear from patrons and the community at large.
  • Fundraising – Maintains a proactive working relationship with the Friends of the Library and the Basalt Library Foundation, and participates in other activities (such as grant writing) to augment Library funding.
  • Leadership and Professional Development – The Director is expected to stay current in trends in Library administration and business, literature, technology and resources. Participates in professional conferences and other continuing education opportunities for Director, staff and Board. The Director sets an example to staff, board and community through professional conduct, high principles and businesslike approach. The Director works effectively with staff, board and community members to resolve conflicts that may arise.

Job Qualifications

Applicants should have an MLS Degree from an ALA-accredited program and have a minimum of five years supervisory/director’s experience.  Previous experience with regional libraries, mill levy funding, and budgeting for all aspects of a stand-alone library are desirable qualifications.  This is a salaried, exempt position, and the Director is expected to work the necessary hours per week to fulfill the responsibilities detailed in the full Director’s job description.  This typically includes working on-site 40 hours or more, each week.  Some evening and weekend hours may be required.

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