Metadata Librarian & Strategy Management, Dartmouth University

By IS Lab August 30, 2021

Dartmouth College

Advance library objectives by defining library metadata strategies and applying them to (1) collaboratively build the information discovery and fulfillment environment for Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff and (2) ensure that Dartmouth information resources are available on, and integrated into, the open web.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership for the metadata unit by planning, designing, implementing, documenting, and providing training for the creation and management of descriptive and rights metadata, including the application of these metadata to library digital projects.
  • Analyzes evolving user research needs and develops strategies for metadata capture, normalization, transformation, storage, and interoperability with external service providers. Defines policies and practices for the library XML-based metadata repository. Collaborates with library staff in the selection, design, and implementation of systems and tools for descriptive metadata creation and management.
  • Collaborates with library and ITC staff members on the design and continuous improvement of the user-centered library information discovery and fulfillment environment. Through metadata transformations and the use of APIs for metadata capture and dissemination, integrates library metadata into open web and proprietary systems and services that support this environment.
  • Evaluates, selects, recommends, and implements schemas, ontologies, taxonomies and emerging standards for descriptive and rights metadata (including persistent identifiers) in collaboration with the digital library and scholarly communication programs. Defines local application profiles for these schemas, standards, and taxonomies and documents them.
  • Sets work priorities for staff members that are consistent with department goals. Sets performance goals and measures achievement. Shares responsibility for the administration of the department in the absence of the department head and performs other department management tasks as assigned.
  • Analyzes library technical services workflows and automates them using metadata transformation tools and the integration of relevant services. Experiments with deployment of tools and services that improve metadata creation, management, and exporting efficiencies.
  • Engages in ongoing professional development; participates in collaborations with Ivy Plus partner libraries when those opportunities are available.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness through actions, interactions, and communications with others.

Job Qualifications


  • Masters plus 3-5 years’ experience or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Five years of experience in the creation and management of library metadata and XML data management tools.
  • Graduate or professional degree in library, information, or data management fields, or the equivalent in work experience and self-guided education.
  • Knowledge of metadata content and encoding standards such as MARC/MARCXML, MODS, Dublin Core, and RDA.
  • Experience with scripting languages and tools for metadata transformation and analysis such as XSLT, Ruby, Schematron, and OpenRefine.
  • Experience with using APIs for metadata transfers.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with library staff and Dartmouth community members at various levels of technical expertise.
  • Understanding of the scholarly research process and the library discovery environment.
  • Knowledge of linked data principles and related structured data standards.


  • Experience with management of group processes, delegation of work, and evaluation of outcomes.
  • Experience with or training in project management methods.
  • Experience with leading and evaluating the work of other staff members.
  • Experience with user-focused library assessment techniques.
  • Ability to work in multiple collaborative environments, and coordinate work across multiple communication streams.

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