Librarian, City of Redondo Beach

By IS Lab August 18, 2021

Website City of Redondo Beach

Job Responsibilities

  • Promoting library service by providing reference information to the public, in person and by telephone, where the exercise of judgment, knowledge, and interpretive skills may be required
  • Assists the public in making effective use of available services
  • Selects books, periodicals, audio-visual, and other materials for the library collection
  • Facilitating programs for children, teens, and adults
  • Preparing  bibliographies and special exhibits
  • Preparing promotional materials for newspapers and other media
  • Maintaining pamphlet, audio visual, or other special collections
  • Classifying and cataloguing books, documents, serials, and other materials
  • Assisting with systems administration
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the automated library system (ILS)
  • Coordinating web-based activities
  • Supervising technicians, pages, and clerks; and, acting as “person in charge” in the absence of the Library Director
  • Maintaining records and preparing reports
  • Participating in  budget preparation and administration
  • Operating a motor vehicle while performing various duties that include attending conferences, meetings, and  seminars as liaison representative to various agencies
  • Delivering internal and external customer service while   solving  problems and proactively creating sustainable solutions to issues
  • Conducting duties, responsibilities, tasks and assignments with a constructive, cooperative, positive, professional attitude and demeanor
  • Supporting the City’s mission, goals, policies and objectives
  • Supporting the City’s corporate values of: openness and honesty; integrity and ethics; accountability; teamwork; and fiscal and environmental responsibility
  • Providing effective leadership to accomplish the administrative objectives of the City Manager and the policy goals of the City Council
  • Conducting regular performance evaluations of personnel, giving frequent and specific  feedback   about  personnel performance; holding employee accountable for doing their jobs and celebrating accomplishments and successes
  • Performing other related duties as required

Job Qualifications

  • Graduate degree from an American Library Association accredited school
  • Expected competencies are sound decision making skills; critical thinking ability; problem solving and innovation skills; drive for results; analytic skills; interpersonal, customer service and diplomatic skills; ethical conduct; and proven top performances.
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, technology, and equipment associated with operating a modern library, including but not limited to: selection, acquisition, cataloging, and classification of library materials, reference, and reader advisory services; and research and analytical methods.
  • Knowledge of computer literacy with knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office; the ability to communicate using email programs; and an understanding of and adherence to City policies for information technology.
  • Ability to meet medical standards for the class as prescribed by the City and satisfactorily perform required duties, including but not limited to: the ability to learn the applications of electronic data processing for library operations; the principles and practices of effective supervision, training, and performance evaluation, budget preparation and administration; communicate effectively in writing and orally; reason logically and creatively; demonstrate initiative; work independently and on project matrix teams; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; and legally operate a motor vehicle in the State of California.