IS Lab Zones

The IS Lab’s four zones accommodate a variety of group sizes and activities.

Be sure to book space in the IS Lab at least 24 hours in advance. To meet with the IS Lab Director, schedule an appointment during Office Hours. For help with course-related research, consult with our IS Lab Staff Monday through Thursday between 9am and 4pm.

Zone A

Zone A is suitable for larger group meetings, such as classes and workshops. For example, Dr. Ellen Pearlstein recently ran an archival preservation workshop in the IS Lab in which students attended to books and photographs that had been damaged by water.

Zone B

In Zone B, members of the GSE&IS Community have access to computing resources, small group work spaces, and a reading area beside our library stacks.

Zone C

Zone C is home to our growing audio-visual transfer stations and a communal table for group work. Recent workshops offered in this zone include Intro to the IS Lab Media Space and individual training in film handling.

Zone D

Zone D is the perfect spot for a few people to settle in for a good read at any age; we invite our youngest community members to join us here for readings from our Children’s Book Collection.